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Building - Metal - Wood paint

Buy building paints, metal paints and wood paints for renovations, repairs and special constructions. In our store you will find a wide variety of color codes and quality. Choose ecological colors with long durability and strong performance on the material.

Decorative Colors - Styles

The styles are the A and the Z in the decoration. The Basadis store is a one-stop-shop for decorators and architects, providing special styles and decorative colors that give character to each of your new inspirations.

Varnishes - Furniture Varnishes

Our store has been supplying furniture makers and carpenters from all over Greece for years, providing all the necessary materials for their daily work. Buy varnishes and furniture lacquers to make your own furniture and your own wooden constructions.

Painting colors

In our store you will find paints, paint brushes, painting materials and equipment to develop your favorite hobby with professional specifications.